REACH ALLIANCE official launch!

REACH ALLIANCE Global Network officially launched in Lisbon at Green Dialogue event!

REACH ALLIANCE is a Non-Profit Organization that helps bring in to action the empowerment and growth of a GLOBAL NETWORK, the promotion of INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE, the capacitation of YOUNG LEADERS and of their projects while aiming at a future of impactful SUSTAINABLE ACTIONS in a contribution to global peace, development, environment and security according to the principles and priorities of United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and Foundation Alliance of Civilizations / Фондација Алијанса на Цивилизациите.

It is the first global initiative by Foundation Alliance of Civilizations that aims at creating awareness, building bridges, strengthening alliances and fostering dialogue among the participants while empowering young leaders. Its goals are the engagement of citizens of the involved countries, encouraging willingness to act collectively, launch actions and promote the principles and priorities of UNAOC towards Refugees’ related challenges, Countering Extreme Violence and Terrorism and by empowering Young Leaders through education and projects sustainability enablement.

Launched in early 2017, it is an initiative of, currently, 10 countries from 4 world regions and it is supported by organizations and by public and private institutions from the Network itself while being coordinated from Portugal.

The “REACH Alliance was launched in March in Lisbon, Portugal. For this initiative, the Foundation Alliance of Civilization partners with institutions such as the Foundation AIP, the Portuguese National Youth Council, East West Bridge, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Enercoutim, among others.