Reach Alliance 1st Members General Meeting

As many of you know by now, 2017 was a busy year for REACH ALLIANCE in terms of laying down the stones for the long road and path we all have ahead of us.

We launched our website. We gained the amazing support of our Advocates. We launched our Social Media platforms and the members started engaging with each other and with the public in general by holding initiatives and events relevant to the Intercultural Dialogue priorities the world faces nowadays.

Nevertheless, a Global organisation whose members are spread across 10 countries face many challenges with some being simply about logistics. Such as the logistics of holding a General Meeting. Fortunately, through technology and by the dedication of our Members, all can be overcome and REACH ALLIANCE Global Network’s 1st General meeting occurred over Skype with practically full attendance.

It was indeed inspiring to be able to share and listen to all the projects and initiatives that each Member is organising and/or planning for 2018.

We indeed have very ambitious goals for 2018…  More growth in our Members, Partners and Followers base and a handful of initiatives and events that will bring us closer to each other. As well as to achieve our goals and mission globally as a Network but also independently as organizations in their own countries and with our REACH ALLIANCE’s Advocates side by side with us.

Great things will happen on our 2nd year, so make sure you stay tuned. Follow us on our Social Media and Reach Out to us whenever you wish and together we will bring global solutions to global problems.

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