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Our Vision

The future depends on what we all do today. A globalized world and migration have brought richness in terms of diversity of languages, cultures and religions. It also brought challenges on pluralism, understanding and respect among different individuals, communities and countries. Cultural awareness, understanding diversity, peaceful conflict resolution, fostering cooperation, tolerance and respect in ethnical and religious diversity, are priorities that must be addressed by countries through their civil organizations and youth training.

REACH ALLIANCE has the vision of creating a GLOBAL NETWORK focused on goals and initiatives that empower COMMUNITY GROWTH through ACTIVE EDUCATION and through ACTIONS that support and promote a collaborative INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE. This approach will build the capacity to generate valuable actions that lead to a meaningful impact on today’s multi-ethnical, multi-religious and multicultural societies.

Our Goal

To strengthen alliances and to FOSTER INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE through building a community of partners that SHARE VALUE that expands and increases the depth of their outreach actions and their intercultural dialogue.

REACH ALLIANCE aims at creating awareness, building bridges, engaging citizens and at leading collective efforts that generate REAL VALUABLE IMPACT in a contribution to global peace, development, environment and security according to the principles and priorities of UNAOC.

We promote INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE by defending and implementing initiatives that will build communication bridges between different cultures and by involving young leaders in groups that address intercultural priorities relevant for today’s globalization (Refugees and Migration crisis, Countering extreme violence /terrorism and Youth training & Project enablement).

We enable a GLOBAL NETWORK into action by building communication bridges that allow all members to share value and to co-develop processes that work on today’s multi-ethnical, multi-religious and multicultural societies challenges and in the search for a cross-cultural common solution and proximity.

We empower YOUNG LEADERS by implementing a method and process at Reach Alliance Academy of Youth training and Education that places and values intercultural dialogue, education and active participation while providing them with the Project Acceleration they may need.

We support impactful SUSTAINABLE ACTIONS by an Outreach Action Process that holds a vision for “the future” and by establishing an open channel of communication that connects the Network in relevant and pressing issues of today’s Globalization.

Our Priorities

How to promote INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE while enhancing knowledge and the understanding of different cultures and religions as a path to develop a better and stronger communication?

Through EDUCATION and by involving citizens and young leaders in initiatives that address challenges and PRIORITIES relevant for today’s globalization. The NETWORK and its partners will help the future by contributing with ACTIONS in the present, that work on how to accept and value diversity as a tool for growth and development of a fair and constructive society.


Youth is a crucial driving force for positive social change in the world.

Empower youth and future leaders, making them part of the ongoing process of changing the world and contributing to their Civic Education regarding multicultural contexts.


To win the fight against radicalism and extremism, it is imperative to promote education and dialogue from a very early age.  

Provide multiple platforms for the exchange of ideas, good practices, resources and promoting cross-institutional collaboration on a range of issues such as intercultural dialogue and counter narratives. In this effort, we will be contributing alongside RAN to the collective effort against terrorism and extreme violence.


The refugee ongoing crisis became highly politicized and a polarized topic.

Promote dialogue and foster cooperation towards the development of solutions and exchange of best practices, regarding innovative and existing social inclusion and integration policies for migrants and refugees.


The ability to reach unity in diversity it is our civilization’s main challenge.

Support the global efforts to protect and safeguard cultural heritage, addressing evermore relevant topics such as Cultural Challenges, Gender Equality and Interfaith Dialogue.