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In order to achieve our Goals and Mission, we have a diverse set of activities, initiatives and projects that help us bringing Intercultural Dialogue into action.
Our Dialogue sessions are intended to discuss how Intercultural Dialogue can be a useful and powerful tool to make the difference and address the existing challenges.
We live a unique moment in the history of mankind where there are multiple possibilities of closer contact between people and cultures, however, there are still obstacles to the approaching between people and cultures and a full coexistence between various communities. This cultural, ethnic and religious diversity is a factor for the enrichment of societies but at the same time brings new challenges to social cohesion which deserves to be thoroughly analysed and debated.

This specific Dialogue Session will happen in Lisbon, Portugal organized by the Team, by Members and by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa a partner of Reach Alliance with a Debate on “Education for Inclusion”. We are very excited about the immediate interest we’ve been getting from everyone! In the year that we all celebrate 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, actions like this gain a double relevance.

Thank you Educators and everyone that helped this activity happen!