Director of the Library of Alexandria of Egypt and Imam of the Central Mosque of Lisbon discuss challenges and opportunities for a unity in cultural diversity.

REACH ALLIANCE Global Network, through the area of science of religions and OLAE-Lusophone University’s Portuguese Economic Activities Observatory, have centred in Portugal the urgent debate on Islam and Intercultural dialogue today in Portugal and the  Europe organising on October 19, the conference “Islam Today and Intercultural Dialogue: Challenges and Opportunities for Unity in Cultural Diversity”.

The Conference aim was to provide a privileged moment of dialogue on Islam and its contribution to a world with great and important challenges and that, today more than ever, seeks unity in cultural diversity; Build bridges and strengthen contact between cultures and religions.

According to Nelson Lage, Reach Alliance Executive Director, “the visit of Dr. Mostafa El Feki, director of the Alexandrina Library of Egypt, one of the most important libraries of today, reinforced the importance that Portugal has nowadays and its strategic positioning in the world of culture. On the other have had the presence of Sheik David Munir, Iman of the central Mosque of Lisbon, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Islam for a unity in cultural diversity, showed the central role that Portugal has in this theme so important today »

According to Professor Paulo Mendes Pinto, Head of the area of science of religions at Universidade Lusófona, “at a time when all the world witnessed political statements of closure and intolerance, it is imperative to mark the Portuguese reality differently, giving you tools for understanding and knowing the difference. With a profound debate on “Islam, today “, reinforced by the presentation of a group of projects that consolidate the dynamics of free and rigorous knowledge, we aimed to contribute to a conscious, cosmopolitan citizenship that integrates the differences and specificities, but which has human rights as an unshakable reference. “