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Ricardo Pereira da Silva

“The first compelling reason for leaving a 25-year long career as a marketeer in order to become a photographer and storyteller, was precisely for believing that I could help people and causes. For believing that I could bring them to the public eye and create awareness in the best way possible at my reach and to help meaningful causes achieve their objectives. Being an ambassador for Reach Alliance is therefore an honor and a unique opportunity to put my skills at the service of a cause that moves me personally and professionally; and that it is so decisive for social equilibrium on a planetary scale. I believe that with my contribution and through the power of a well-told story and a photograph taken from the right angle – the angle of truth – more organisms and society in general will feel enlightened about the central action of Reach Alliance Global Network in the world and motivated to help galvanize its action.”

Strategic Storyteller & Photographer | Soft skills and Personal Marketing docent at ISEG Univ. | Former Country Manager, Markeeter, Creative Publicist and Strategist for diverse international companies.