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Paulo Mendes Pinto 

Intercultural dialogue is an urgent matter today. But more than an urgency between “civilizations”, cultures religions or states, the increasingly necessary dialogue must take place in Europe itself so that citizenship understands its humanistic values. European societies are increasingly diverse, be it through migration, social tribalism and the diversity of options that each individual can take. Dialogue implies that all this difference lies in the will to know, to work together and to live in a “Common Home”.
We urgently need to create dynamics that strengthen the value of difference, knowledge, book, but also experiential, and of dialogue whether in national and European institutions or groups of citizens.

Professor of Religious Science | Head of the Department of Religions Science at Lusofona University. Responsible for the project REC-XXI – Religions, Education and Citizenship. Ambassador of the World Parliament of Religions. Founder of the European Academy for Religions. Member of the coordinating committee of Lusophone Group Academic Higher Council and Advisor to the Administration of Cofac