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Natasa Marjanovic

“My name is Natasha. I am from the former Yugoslavia, born in Bosnia, lived in Serbia and I married a Croatian. I arrived in Portugal on May 25, 1999, expelled for the second war I had to live in the land where I was born and raised. I have lived in Portugal for 19 years.  I lived the life of a refugee and an immigrant in the first person. Of having everything one day, and having nothing the next day. A life of building everything all over again!

I’m an actress. As an actress, I felt the need to share this experience with young people, my favorite audience. For this purpose I created several artistic projects. I try to communicate to the world that war is absurd, that tolerance and understanding are the basis for all of us to live in a better world. Wars force people out of their homes and forces them to try to fit a lifetime in a suitcase… Is it possible? Does it fit? Life is a challenge. So it is necessary to have our  “suitcase” prepared because we do not know when we will need it. We have to know our abilities, tolerate difference and always be available to learn and adapt.

I want to actively contribute to REACH Alliance GN by helping it to be another way where, by sharing personal experiences, I can contribute to making the world a fair and pleasant place for all. A world of all colors. “

Actress and Public Speaker | Founder of Maia Teather, Belgrad | Actress at Palco De Chocolate Teather, Portugal | Refugee in PT