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Leonel Moura

“Contemporary culture, understood as creativity, is now one of the main engines of developed societies and is present in practically all human activities, from the economic to the political, to the way of life itself and social behaviours.
Without incorporated culture there is practically nothing relevant today. Promoting the exchange of views between cultures and building bridges and defining a common ground between them, their communities, people, and the promotion of understanding and interaction is not a simple task, but it is an important one. Reach Alliance, which I have the honour to support as Advocate, is an example of a civil society initiative that promises to promote dialogues and build bridges between its member countries and to contribute to the alliance of civilizations and Intercultural Dialogue, one of great pillars of culture.”

Plastic Artist | A pioneer in the use of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence applied to Art and the European Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation in 2009 | Lisbon, Portugal.