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Jovan Kovacic

“Mankind has made enormous strides in developing respect for democracy, equality, the rule of law, human, political, religious, gender and all other rights over the past century. However, despite the global communications, interactivity and internet and knowledge available at our fingertips for billions of people across the globe, we are witnessing gradual diminishing of these precious values. Dark clouds are gathering over these achievements as threat of terrorism, wars, shaken economies, misogyny, xenophobia and immigration grows and tolerance retreats. The only way to pre-empt further decline is to step up the fight for respect of our differences, to appreciate the stands, creed, color, religion or political affiliation of others and make that work for the benefit of all mankind. Organizations like the REACH ALLIANCE, a Global Network that aims to empower community growth through Active Learning and through initiatives of collaborative INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE in a contribution to global peace, development, environment and security according to the principles and priorities of UNAOC and FAOC, are perfect vehicles to achieve that goal and I am honored to serve as its Advocate.”

President and Founder of East West Bridge International | Member of the Executive Committee of the Trilateral Commission | Global Communications Associates ltd, CEO | Henderson Asset Protection, Serbia, CEO | Political advisor and former war correspondent