Jorge Rocha de Matos 2018-04-14T14:14:21+00:00

Jorge Rocha de Matos

“Intercultural dialogue in business, as in other fields, is a fundamental condition for achieving and sharing common goals. There is no successful globalization without intelligent intercultural management. This is a requirement for a more technological, interconnected and smarter world in which we live, learn, work, cooperate and compete. As a leader of the AIP Foundation (Portuguese Industrial Association), and in accordance with our values and identity principles, i believe that being an Advocate for REACH ALLIANCE Global Network is a way of drawing attention to the values that should be integrated of our conduct, regardless of our corporate, professional or citizenship status. I am referring to the values of social responsibility, tolerance, justice and respect for diversity, where intercultural dialogue between stakeholders is a major catalyst and what makes the difference.”

President of the “AIP (Portuguese Industrial Association) Foundation” | Businessman and associative leader for more than 35 years