Gjoko Gjorgjevski 2018-09-11T21:20:46+00:00

Gjoko Gjorgjevski, PhD

The dialogue is not a debate or dispute neither a sum of monologs. In dialogue each part must listen to the other openly and with concern in an attempt to understand the other. And further, the intercultural, as also the interreligious dialogue, is a very specific kind of dialogue, with purpose to learn, to change and grow in the perception and understanding of reality, and then to live accordingly.

My understanding of the aim of being an Advocate for REACH ALLIANCE Global Network is to facilitate a culture of open dialogue with the end goals of producing shared actions and activating own communities that foster tolerance, build social cohesion, and advance peaceful co-existence.

Dean of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Phd | Former Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the Holy See and Dean of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology