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Ece Çiftçi 

“Acquainting myself with social responsibility and social entreprenuership by means of a conference I attended during her high school years when I was 14. I realized that not every child in the world receives the same social education and children are raised lacking in self-confidence. To prevent this, I went to east of Turkey with my friends when I was 14. To extend my social responsibility project all over the world and to maintain and improve it, I preferred to study sociology. To include all university students as volunteers in the fieldworks, the project continued as SosyalBen Foundation. Besides, they visited high schools and universities and provided trainings for more than 60.000 young people in the field of social responsibility. The project that originated in İstanbul continues its works with its 350 volunteers in total from its 10 domestic and 5 foreign representative offices. I crowned her studies which I initiated in the field of social enterprise by founding the company SosyalBen Academy and Counselling.

I want to actively contribute to REACH Alliance GN by inspiring young people to became active citizens for their communities by attending community service activities, because  I realized that we need to be an active citizens for our communities to build up a better future. I can contribute to making the world peaceful for every citizen all around the World.”

Social Entrepreneur | Founder and Chairwoman of SosyalBen Foundation & SosyalBen Akademi Consulting