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Daniel Adrião 

The technological shock that began in the second half of the twentieth century, as a result of the technical, scientific and information revolution in fields such as computer science, fine chemistry, biotechnology, space research and the human genome, are responsible for civilizational advances that are radically changing our modus vivendi and modus operandi. The great data revolution and improvements in machine learning algorithms mean that more tasks can be replaced by technology, including those previously considered quintessentially human, such as driving a car or deciphering calligraphy. Machines are replacing many tasks performed by men, but they will not be able to substitute for human relations, which result from mutual inter-individual interaction. For humanity to pursue its 200 thousand years path, it is essential to continue to intensify intercultural dialogue, because this is a natural human activity.

The Reach Alliance Global Network works to blend human experiences and experiences from cultures and customs and to build a more tolerant, supportive and inclusive world. Its existence is so critical these days that I have accepted the challenge to serve as an Advocate. In this effort, I seek to actively contribute to its mission and goal of empowering community growth through Active Learning and initiatives of collaborative Intercultural Dialogue.

CEO at Educanology | Writter, manager, political activist and former journalist