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Carlos Costa Neves

“Individual and collective identities are rapidly evolving in today’s Europe. Growing numbers of individuals, but especially the young, enjoy “composite identities” that are no longer restricted to a “collective identity” related to a particular ethnic or religious group.

However, if not managed positively, cultural differences can lead to radicalisation, paralysing forms of conflict and even violence.

Therefore, I call for a radical change in political discourse and action so that new ways can be found to celebrate cultural diversity as a positive factor for innovation and development. States should make this a strategic long-term objective by developing a comprehensive “Intercultural Strategy” which focuses on awareness raising and public engagement, cohesion among stakeholders, countering racism, planning for diversity and building an intercultural economy.

This text is part of a Council’s of Europe Report of whitch I was author in 2014.

Today I am even more convinced of the strong potential of this approach. This is why I can only entusiastically support the activity of the “Reach Alliance”.

Member to the Portuguese Parliament since 2009| Previously Minister for Parliamentary Affairs; Minister Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry; Secretary State European Affairs; Member to the European Parliament; Chairman Board of Directors SATA Air Azores; Regional Secretary for Internal Administration-Regional & Regional Secretary for Social Affairs-Regional Government Azores ; Deputy-Legislative Assembly of the Azores; Regional Director for Social Security