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Our Actions

In order to achieve our Goals and Mission, we have a diverse set of activities, initiatives and projects that allow us to promote INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE, enable our NETWORK INTO ACTION, empower YOUNG LEADERS through education, support IMPACTFUL ACTIONS and to contribute to UNAOC goals and Peace and Dialogue objectives in this big diverse world.

How do we do it?

Through diverse actions such as Activities, Initiatives and Projects.

See below a detailed description of our actions and their specific plan and goals.

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Key Actions


Dialogue Sessions

These are intended to be discussion forums and open sharing of knowledge, opinions and storytelling on topics relevant to the promotion of Intercultural Dialogue. In the year in which we celebrate 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights actions like this gain a redoubled relevance.
09/2018 | Education for Inclusion

Conferences & Events

Trough International Conferences that take place in different countries and are organized by our members, we aim to address important issues such as Cultural Diversity, religion, Youth and Education, refugees and migrants’ crisis, preventing extremism & countering radicalisms, strengthening cooperation and integration, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, among other topics.
09/2018 | Islam Today and Intercultural Dialogue

Network Encounters

More than an assembly or gathering moment for RA members, these Encounters also aim to offer a view of the work in the visited country and its focus on REACH Alliance topics.  It consists of meetings and visits to different projects, initiatives and institutions in a partner country, sharing experiences. It’s an important way of advancing Reach Alliance’s initiatives. It aims to provide exchange of good practices, acquisition of new skills and knowledge and/or building long-term partnerships trough active interpersonal and inter-institutional cooperation.


Youth Academy

Our Youth Academy is focused on developing personal skills and competencies of young participants to promote the development of their own initiatives and projects. This activity is part of a “collaborative story”, built and lived by all partners of Reach Alliance, aiming at developing actions on the field and creating an impact for change. It lasts a total 18 months with 3 moments for training.
This academy is divided in 3 different parts: the first where participants gain the insight and competencies needed to develop their own projects and the second part is a moment where a midterm evaluation occurs where participants can share their experiences and reflect on how the project is being developed having the chance to improve their personal competencies. Finally, the third part aims in evaluating the implementation of these projects, sharing experiences and knowledge.

ICD Post Graduation

The importance of intercultural dialogue is a clear need today, making it necessary to educate and train professionals who act in a constructive way, equipping them with skills that contribute to a new approach in different contexts, and fostering dialogue as a means of overcoming ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural fractures, promoting social cohesion and preventing conflicts from a community to an international level.
The Graduate Program in Intercultural Dialogue, carried out in partnership with the REACH Alliance Global Network, has as main objective to respond to the wishes of those who wish to continue their studies in this area of ​​knowledge, enabling them to acquire advanced preparation and skills in this field, areas of Communication, Culture and understanding of the functioning of contemporary societies.

The Collective

With this initiative we aim to create an interactive dynamic representation of the resonating projects, experiences and aspirations of all our network members with the intent to learn from each other, leverage the experiences while continuing building new initiatives and making it visible to all partners audiences and networks. Create a web presence, visual story and a web showcase with a call for action.


Youth Voice

Youth Voice is a project developed with all RA members that aims to give voice to youngsters among the network. Each participant should send a paper with a story, ideas, experience, that address the three following questions:

  • How can I contribute to a global united in diversity society?
  • How can you help me becoming a changemaker?
  • How can we make it possible, today and tomorrow?

2018 Alexandrina Letter on Youth & Dialogue
Under the framework of the Conference “Youth & Intercultural Dialogue: United in Diversity. Challenges for the future” to be held in Alexandria, Egypt, with the gathering of experienced speakers from renowned organizations and institutions, as well as the result of the Youth Voice project, we aim to produce a document that reflects the suggestions and opinions on the role of Youth in the future of societies. This paper will be prepared, discussed and presented by a small committee chaired by an individuality, co-chaired by the Director of the Library and with a representative element of the speakers and another of the network.

Project EACH

The world is made of a diversity of cultures and of the people that form, live and create those cultures. The value of this diversity is immense and should always be admired and respected.  With our Advocate and Supporting photographers we aim to capture moments, people, the singularity and the beauty of that diversity. EACH one in its beauty and form. All in the hopes that the images will map and show how Cultural Diversity can connect us and promote its value and of the Inter-Cultural Dialogue that can emerge from the differences of that same diversity.