CJE Spain Conference Event

According to the latest UNHCR report, 10.3 million people became displaced by conflict or persecution in 2016.

A situation that is not new but unfortunately does not seem to deserve media attention beyond specific cases in very concrete moments.

In the intention of giving to all the unheard voices, lacking a mediatic impact, an opportunity to have a space to talk about challenges and world wide problems caused by armed confrontations, economic reasons or persecution for reasons of identity, the Youth Council of Spain made its goal to create such a space by organizing a Conference event for Oct. 3rd. Facebook Event  

In this event, different speakers explain the different realities of the forgotten refugee people and thus present a broader perspective of what is really happening in the world and how thousands of people are living.

Consejo Juventud España is one of REACH ALLIANCE first members and it is highly rewarding to witness and to be part of their initiatives and work on these important challenges of today’s world.

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