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Carlos Zorrinho, PhD

“Intercultural dialogue is a determinant key at any moment of geostrategic reconfiguration, economic and financial globalization and a real challenge to the sustainability of the planet, while finding solutions that are focused on respect for people’s dignity and the preservation of the environment.
We live in a time when global networks and platforms based on new technologies of data capture, treatment and sharing, information and knowledge, increasingly define the dynamics of progress and the retreat of humanity.
Being an Advocate for REACH ALLIANCE Global Network is a way for me to participate actively as a global citizen in designing a future of tolerance, justice and respect among people, complementing the activities I pursue as a politician and as a university professor.”

Information Management, PhD | Professor at the Management Department of Évora University, previously a Secretary of State at the Portuguese Parliament and currently  a Member of the European Parliament for the S&D Group | Évora, Portugal.